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            • Shandong Santong Company held a tug-of-war 1296

              31 May,2016 10:20:42

            • For better implementation of corporate culture, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the workforce, and promote the communication among employees, promote team spirit, strengthen the cohesion,the company held a tug of war on May 28.All the departments of the company have formed 8 teams, each team has shown the strongest lineup, working together, fighting for the first!In the course of the competition, all the players try hard, both on and off the field, the atmosphere is extremely enthusiastic!The competition decided the first, the second and the third position, general Cui  presented a small gift for each winning team to commemorate and encourage!Through this tug of war, reveals the corporate culture of "One Aspiration,One Morality,One Cause" , improve the spirit of teamwork and perseverance, especially when it's a close call.No one retreated, everyone bite the bullet and stick it out.The players in the field are all full of fighting spirit, with their sweat to interpret the meaning of "One Aspiration", their tenacious perseverance and fighting spirit let everyone of us move! 

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