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            • Be good employees who are loyal to the enterprise 1433

              25 Oct,2016 09:45:28

            • Loyalty is both state and action.
              There is a character that is praised by people no matter where and when.
              There is a moral character, which is not only the foundation of our standing, but also the guarantee of the combat effectiveness of any organization.
              There is a virtue that, if you hold it, your personality will be sublimated; if you accidentally lose it, then you may be worthless. This character, his name is called loyalty.
              How loyal to the enterprise, It is also a basic criterion to measure whether a worker is loyal or not, the basic principle of consistency. Outstanding staff have a common characteristic, that is, have a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, loyalty to the enterprise, work practive, not stick to the rules, creative, dare to assume the task, and constantly strive for perfection to achieve the success that they desire.People can be a little defective, or they can do things not smooth, but must not be unfaithful. We should regard loyalty enterprises as the motto of personal development, share the joys and sorrows with the enterprise, and seek common development. If you think you are working for someone else, you will always be able to work for others; if you think you are working for yourself, you will have a career of your own. Although it is impossible for everyone to achieve a brilliant career, as long as they stick to loyalty, loyalty to the enterprise, loyalty to the career, and rely on the platform of the enterprise to use their talents, we can not only bring benefits to the enterprise but also promote the development of the enterprise and thus our own develop and create opportunities to find the right stage for yourself. Loyalty to the enterprise is actually a loyalty to one's career and a high degree of responsibility for one's own destiny.
              Loyalty is the premise of rewarded, there is no contribution without loyalty,and will not bring returns. Loyalty determines your true position in the organization, a person who is not loyal and professional, will not be respected and accepted by people even if they have the ability. The relative weakness, but people with loyalty and dedication,can find their own stage and realize their own value.There is an invisible concentric circles exist in any one enterprise,the heart is the person in charge of business, around the heart is loyal to the business, loyal to the career.The closer you get to the center of the circle, the more loyal you are, the more likely you are to get a steady return.
              Loyalty is the most valuable quality of people, is the spiritual pillar of business and development, the more the business development and progress, the more we should promote loyalty. A person with low education can learn, poor business ability can exercise, poor ability can be improved, but what is important is that there is a loyalty to the enterprise's heart.Every employee in our company must firmly establish the awareness of loyalty enterprise and loyalty career,as long as it is conducive to the development and growth of the company, we should do it unconditionally, do it with sincere feelings, and be truly loyal to the enterprise and loyal to the post. At present, our company has a thriving business, construction and production, and we need to take loyalty as the tenet, take the enterprise as the foundation, and develop as the responsibility.
              Let us always be good employees who are loyal to the enterprise. Because loyalty, such as a banner, can lead us to victory, loyalty as a beacon, illuminate the direction of our progress in the darkness,loyalty such as invariant stars will always shine in the soul night sky.
              Loyalty is also a capability.
              Why good people tend to be easy to succeed? Because of the ability to excel in these successful, excellent people, this ability is "loyalty." Loyalty has always been a spirit pursued by successful people. Loyalty, like a banner, leads us to a victory in war; a loyalty like a beacon illuminates the way forward in the darkness; a loyalty like an immutable star shines forever in the night sky of the soul. Only by being loyal to their own team, loyal to their own careers and loyal to their own development can they be unique in the development of their careers so that they can always be invincible and stand forever at the peak of their success.
              Only if you have the loyalty can you achieve yourself and your career. I believe the name "guan yu" is familiar to you. Guan yu was admired by the world, and worshiped as god. It is not because of his martial arts, nor because of his meritorious deeds is how remarkable. Instead, there is a spirit in Guanyu - loyalty. Guan Yu is loyal to Liu Bei, loyal to the career of Shu state,there was no attractive condition that could shake his loyal will and finally let guan yu become the god that people admired.Nearly 90 percent of the employees at Microsoft corp., the world software giant created by Bill Gates, are old employees. It was Bill Gates who gave them a responsibility, and 90 percent of the employees had a duty to their career-- loyalty. Only if we are loyal to each other's career, can we develop in a larger and stronger way. Only when the enterprise develops, can we provide a bigger and wider stage for employees. The wider the stage, the more comfortable the dancer will be. In the end, thanks to the development of mutual loyalty, Microsoft is the dominant position in the software industry. It can be seen that only the loyalty of each other can create their own brand, so that we can have more wealth.
              Loyalty can make people pursue excellence continuously, while disloyal people just pursue simple and qualified. Loyalty is manifested in our attitude towards work, our attitude towards school things, and outstanding achievements. Loyalty comes from our love of work, our loyalty to our school, our friendliness to our colleagues and our dedication to our career. Loyalty, performance on the job is respect-work, conscientiousness, diligence, performance in the organization is a kind of obedience and don't care about personal gain or loss, performance on the interpersonal relationship is a kind of tolerance, help and cooperation, performance in business is a kind of devotion, respect, patience and perseverance. Schools need loyal teachers, just as we ourselves need loyal friends. Loyalty makes us simple and happy, full and courageous, excellent and rich, loyalty is our life, the foundation of success, the source of glory. Let us dedicate our loyal body and soul to our school, and dedicate ourselves to our own career. People who loyal to the school, loyal to the work, can feel happiness in ordinary work, they are very likely to pursue excellence in their work.People who lack of loyalty will most likely stops at the"qualified" place. Loyalty will give you a strong motivation and the right direction, which will make your ability to rapidly improve. Therefore, in a sense loyalty is also a capability.
              Reflecting on our current work, is there such an ability in our minds? Can we lose the spirit of loyalty in our work? Those who possess this spirit and this ability stand on the top of success and wave to the world, those who lack the spirit of loyalty can only slowly grind to death or be crushed by the wheels of development...

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