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            • Warm congratulations on the "special rope industry in Taian City Institute of Technology" established in Shand 1363

              08 Nov,2016 10:20:06

            • Autumn in October, the harvest season, in this beautiful day, Shandong SanTong rope Co., Ltd. ushered in another landmark leap. With the support of General Cui,our company invested a lot of manpower and resources to build the "Tai'an City of special ropes Industrial Technology Research Institute, "which in the company's development history is pivotal, marking Santong rope entered a new era of big-leap-forward development.We will actively explore and improve the internal management mechanism, implement a long-term innovation mechanism, promote the continuous improvement of industrial innovation capability, and work hard to achieve innovation-driven strategy and create science and technology Santong.

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            Chaoquan Industrial Park, Feicheng City,Shandong Province, China

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