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            Home Company News

            • Warmly celebrate that our technology center has been identified by Tai’an City economic and information committee as Tai 2835

              03 Aug,2018 09:15:00

            • Our technology center was officially approved by Tai’an City economic and information committee on July 9, 2018, becoming Tai’an City municipal enterprise technology center in 2018.

              Brief introduction of shandong santong new material co., LTD

              Famous brand of Chinese high-end rope!

              Shandong Santong rope co., LTD. is a professional production of various high-grade rope, braided rope, wire, the new material , the company was established in September 2004, the main products are all kinds of diamond rope, braided rope,solid braided rope, double rope, hollow braid rope, fiber ropes, special rope, braided rope line, belt, etc.Products  exported to the North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, southeast Asia and other overseas, praised by domestic and foreign merchants!
              Innovative enterprises in shandong province
              Fecheng university students entrepreneurship training demonstration base
              Cooperation unit of shandong university of finance and economics
              Tai’an City municipal enterprise technology center
              Tai’an City special rope industry research institute
              ISO quality system certification enterprises

              National high-tech enterprises

              NEEQ board listed companies

              Santong company is willing to develop with all circles!

            Content :

            Chaoquan Industrial Park, Feicheng City,Shandong Province, China

            Tel: 0086-538-3490666

            Fax: 0086-538-3490777