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            Home Company News

            • Warm congratulations our company for adding two new packaging design patents 2972

              06 Sep,2018 17:42:43

            • Our company was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office on July 3, 2018 to add two new packaging appearance design patents.It is a great significance to the protection of our company's intellectual property and brand building.

              Breif introduction of Shandong Santong Rope Co.,LTD.

              Famous brand of Chinese high-end rope!

              Shandong santong rope co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of viorus premium ropes.The company was established in September 2004,our products include many kinds of ropes,braided rope,diamond rope,solid braided rope,double braided rope,hollow braided rope,fiber rope,special rope,braided net,webbing etc.,our products have gotten considerable market share in Europe,North America,Middle East and Southeast Asia market.And we have been enjoying very good reputation by our excellent products and good service in these areas.

              National high-tech enterprises

              New third board listed companies

              Shandong province one enterprise one technology innovation enterprise

              Fecheng university students entrepreneurship training demonstration base

              The cooperation unit of production, study and research and social practice base of Shandong University of Finance &Economics

              Municipal enterprise technology center in Tai'an

              Tai’an City special rope industry research institute

              ISO9001 quality system certification of enterprises

              Santong company is willing to work with all sectors of the same development!

              One Aspiration,One Morality,One Cause!

              Let us create the future with sincerity and faith!

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            Chaoquan Industrial Park, Feicheng City,Shandong Province, China

            Tel: 0086-538-3490666

            Fax: 0086-538-3490777